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This game has a Christmas Truce map.

I repeat: This game has a Christmas Truce map. 

Merriment. Trenches. Merriment. Christmas. See you in like ten years, guys.

"German Trench Telephone Station", c. 1914/18 (by The Library of Congress)

Caller: sup

Call Recipient: nm, Allied fliers overhead

Caller: k write me your latest travels.

Call Recipient: k bye

(via Brothers in Arms: War, Whimsey, and Curiosity in the Wartime Postcard | Poppies Pressed)

Read more about the mysterious origins of this photograph and more about my ongoing World War I digitization project through the link above

Studio Portrait of Couple from Parisian Studio, France, date unknown. (via Poppies Pressed)

"Studio Portrait of Two Soldiers, France, Estimated Date: 1914/1918." (via Poppies Pressed)

"This is the True Alliance", French Wartime Postcard, 1915 (via Poppies Pressed | Remembering the Great War in the Digital Age)

"Poppies Pressed is a student created Division III project at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Poppies Pressed aims to encourage the interpretation and accessibility of photographic media of the First World War in the digital age through the application of twenty-first century technologies to previously undigitized wartime media."

Writing at desk in German dugout, c. WWI (by drakegoodman)

At least you’re not doing your finals in a trench.

Odorico Von Susani, Austria c. 1918 (by spadon75)

"To 1st Lt. F. Scott Fitzgerald
65th Infantry
Camp Sheridan 

Montgomery, Ala”

"While stationed at Camp Sheridan, near Montgomery, Alabama, Fitzgerald met his future wife, Zelda Sayre, the daughter of an Alabama Supreme Court judge." (via University of South Carolina)

An Urgent Message, 1929 via The New York Public Library

Ammunition Factory Blues: France, 1917 (via Retronaut)

The Firing Line: English Postcard, Printed 1914-1918 (via)

The Firing Line: English Postcard, Printed 1914-1918 (via)

British Troops, 1916 via Imperial War Museums

"Crowds in front of the Winter Palace in St Petersburg during the period of Russian partial mobilisation. The following day, Russia gave the order for full mobilisation in defence of Serbia." July 29th, 1914 (Imperial War Museums)

"Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife descend the steps of the City Hall, Sarajevo to their motor car, a few moments before their assassination.", June 28th, 1914  via (Imperial War Museums)