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Travel the World: Mid 20th Century Travel Posters via Boston Public Library

Österreiches National Bibliothek: Vienna, 2012.

Viennese Arches, Summer 2012

Vienna, Summer 2012

Dear Vienna,

I miss your hot chocolate.  I miss your Sacher Torte. I miss your availability of shot glasses donning the visage of Habsburg royalty.

Österreiches National Bibliothek Interiors: Vienna, Summer 2012

Bookshelves at the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek in Vienna, July 2012.

Hofburg Palace Entry, Vienna. July 2012

Hofburg Palace Interior Detail, Vienna. July, 2012.

Österreichische Nationalbibliothek and subsequent Sacher Torte: Vienna, Austria.  July 21st 2012.

You’re in for a fair deal of attractive libraries for the next week or so.

After arriving in Vienna a few hours ago, I investigated this structure. Both the design and haunting sounds emanating from inside this fractal interactive sculpture were truly neat juxtaposed with the Viennese landscape.

The Museum of Art History, Vienna (by *pingallery)

Vienna Court Opera, c. 1902.  

Austrian Museum of Art History, Vienna. By pingallery

Austrian Museum of Art History, Vienna. By pingallery

Vienna Court Opera, c. 1902.  Click for Source.