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Writing at desk in German dugout, c. WWI (by drakegoodman)

At least you’re not doing your finals in a trench.

"German soldiers celebrating Christmas in the trenches, 1915" (via)

Over Top, 1917 (by drakegoodman)

Entrenched, date unknown (by drakegoodman)

German Wartime Postcards, c. WWI via The New York Public Library

Live from the Trenches, c. WW1 (by drakegoodman)

Over the Top, Scherenfernrohr c. WW1 (by drakegoodman)

"Grenadiers from an unidentified regiment model the latest gasmasks…", c. WW1 (by drakegoodman)

Australian Infantry, Ypres c. 1917.  

Scherenfernrohr, c. 1916 (by drakegoodman)

"Commercial postcard depicting German troops preparing to assault enemy positions", c. WW1 (by drakegoodman)

German Infantrymen, c. 1914.  Click for Source.

Officers Uniforms, Great Britain c. 1918.  Source: NYPL

German troops in a trench.  Click for Source.

That man near the front with the pipe? Not a single damn was given.