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Finally jumped on the Goodreads bandwagon - to see what texts I’ve been jazzed by and recommend your own, add me!

Literary Floral, Photographer Unknown (by National Media Museum)

Maiko Hiroko Reading, Japan c. 1920s (by Blue Ruin1)

Chapters, 1945 by Martha Holmes (via LIFE)

Joan Crawford, date unknown

Dapper Gentlemen Reading: Basil Rathbone, 1931 via The New York Public Library

Reading in the Wood, Marilyn Monroe

Read Carefully, Marion Davies.  Click for Source.  

The Grasp of Pages (via #3441008)

Kodak No. 1 Circular Snapshot (via The Public Domain Review)

Gabrielle Ray, Reading

Keaton, Reading (via Buster Keaton)

By J.C Leyendecker

One can only wish that men like that still walked the earth.  If they do, please don’t refrain from leading them in my general direction. 

Woman Reading, c. 1890.  Click for Source.