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Gloria Swanson, ca. 1920s via mattsko.wordpress.com

Mia Slavenska, undated via croatia.org

Buttons and Bows: Portrait of Woman with Hands in Pockets, date unknown via Costică Acsinte Archive on Flickr

Princess Marie Bonaparte of Greece, 1882-1962 via (gogm)

Floral Portrait: Tallahassee, Florida 1895-1910 (by State Library and Archives of Florida)

Interwar Summertime (by UW Digital Collections)

Self Portrait with Camera by Walter Bentley Woodbury, 1887 (by National Media Museum)

"Minnie Tittell Brune as the Duke of Reichstadt in Edmond Rostand’s play "L’Aiglon". Sydney [1904-1908]" (by State Library of New South Wales collection)

Perfect execution of Wistful Expression Cravat Combo

Studio Portrait of Couple from Parisian Studio, France, date unknown. (via Poppies Pressed)

"Studio Portrait of Two Soldiers, France, Estimated Date: 1914/1918." (via Poppies Pressed)

Odorico Von Susani, Austria c. 1918 (by spadon75)

Evelyn Nesbit via Historical Ziegfeld 

Evelyn Nesbit via Historical Ziegfeld 

Floral Wreath: Budapest, 1900s (by ggaabboo)

Eperjes, Hungary: 1896 (by ggaabboo)

Golden Years: David Bowie, 1976 (via)