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The Red and Marble Miles: New York, New York. April 5th, 2014. Unedited.

On the train back to Boston following a fantastic weekend back in New York after bouts of brunch, reunions, and the New York Antiquarian Book Fair!

Our Next Stop Is: Times Square Subway, New York City c. 1942 (via vintage everyday)

Night Lights: Central Park from Fifth Avenue, New York City, December 2013.

Central Park from outside the Plaza: New York, December, 2013.

Williamsburg Bridge, New York City c. 1904 (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

Ice Cream at Madison Square Garden, New York City by Cornell Capa, 1953 (via Marieaunet)

New York City Skyline, 1912 (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)


Zeppelin Above Empire State Building. New York City, 1930 (by Nationaal Archief)

We by Zamyatin, Berlin Stories by Isherwood, and just now starting War and Peace by Tolstoy [wish me luck Gosh] What are you currently reading?
Also, The NYPL: pretty much the best ever

Brooklyn Bridge Stroll, New York City c. 1907 (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

It’s tough to ignore how much this house looks like a piece of cake. Specifically some sort of lemon buttercream.

The views you see while waiting on bus lines.

Returning home after a long awaited and warm Edwardian picnic in Central Park after an afternoon of lounging and nibbling with fyodorpavlov and friends.

Can we talk about how pleasant this townhouse is. Answer: Mega Pleasant

Spotted on 65th between Madison and Park