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888,246 Ceramic Poppies Flow Like Blood from the Tower of London to Commemorate WWI

To commemorate the centennial of Britain’s involvement in the First World War, ceramic artist Paul Cummins and stage designer Tom Piper conceived of a staggering installation of ceramic poppies planted in the famous dry moat around the Tower of London. Titled “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red,” the final work will consist of 888,246 red ceramic flowers—each representing a British or Colonial military fatality—that flow through grounds around the tower.” - Christopher Jobson, Colossal

WWI Diaries Of Poet Siegfried Sassoon Go Public For First Time

"Nearly a dozen notebooks and journals by the author, who fought in the British Army during the war, are being released to coincide with the centenary of the start of the conflict." - Scott Neuman, NPR

In partnership with Imgur, the Digital Public Library of America is Reimagining Classic Photos as Modern GIFS

Online Archive Creates Awesome GIFS From Historical Photos - In partnership with Imgur, the Digital Public Library of America is reimagining classic photos as modern .gifs - SmithsonianMag

That’s right - the Digital Public Library of America and Imgur have teamed up for great justice.

Museum of Natural History Announces First Adult-Only Sleepover

"While the American Museum of Natural History has been hosting Night at the Museum sleepovers for kids, there’s never been an adult-only one. Ever. Until now. They’ve just announced their first sleepover for grown-ups, which will take place on Friday, August 1st. - Gothamist

Amenities will include some of the following:

"Explorers can roam through the nearly empty halls of the Museum (including the spiders). There will also be a flashlight tour.”

"Participants will be invited to attend a special presentation in The Power of Poison exhibition with Curator Mark Siddall."

"There will be a midnight viewing of the Dark Universe Space Show, narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson."

"There will also be charging stations and tea service."



First Recorded Instance of F-word in English

"But for English’s first use, we’ve got a dissatisfied 1528 monk."
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BBC: Remains of King Richard III Discovered Beneath Leicester Car Park

A skeleton found beneath a Leicester car park has been confirmed as that of English king Richard III.

Experts from the University of Leicester said DNA from the bones matched that of descendants of the monarch’s family.

"Naked Man Sits on Statue in Central London for Three Hours: The man was arrested by police after he sat on a 19th century statue of the Duke of Cambridge in London Friday for a little more than three hours." via Buzzfeed)

"Street artist Banksy is believed to have created this tribute to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on Upper Maudlin Street in the artist’s home city of Bristol"
"The graffiti expert is believed to be behind the painting, which shows the crown-wearing monarch sporting a jagged red stripe, just like the 1970s David Bowie creation.

Her Majesty’s startling image - which sprang up as the country celebrated her 60 years on the throne - appeared on a wall previously used by Banksy.

Spectators stopped to stare at the stencil yesterday on Upper Maudlin Street, near the Bristol Children’s Hospital in the artist’s home city.” (Telegraph)

BBC News - 'World's Last' WWI Veteran Florence Green Dies Aged 110