Lost Splendor

Past and present by an archives student and new Bostonian. @freifraufitz

Philadelphia, 1947 via Imgur
Stroll Sequence by Eadweard J. Muybridge, 1880s (by George Eastman House)
Interwoven Socks: The Saturday Evening Post, 1921 by J.C. Leyendecker via mattsko.wordpress.com
"Men’s Collars and Neckties", c. early 1900s (by New York Public Library)
"Card players in Centenial Place, Brisbane", date unknown (by State Library of Queensland, Australia)

Arrow Collar: Illustrations by J.C Leyendecker, 1910s (via rompedas)

Brooks Brothers Launches The Great Gatsby Collection 

Photograph Selection via The Gatsby Collection (via Brooks Brothers)

Brooks Brothers Launches Great Gatsby Collection 

Photographs via The Gatsby Lookbook (via The Great Gatsby Collection)

Despite my lack of excitement for the new film adaptation, I’m pretty darn excited for these.

Easter: Who’s Your Tailor, 1918 via The New York Public Library
White Tie by J.C Leyendecker, c. 1910s (by newedwardian)
Off to the start of an afternoon adventure only an hour after arriving back home, beginning first with the Fine and Dandy shop!
Menswear of the 1920s (via)

Suit Illustration, 1910-1920 via The New York Public Library

Vesta Tilley: Vaudevillian Drag Performer, 1864-1952

Vesta Tilley, Vaudevillian Drag King (1864-1952) via The New York Public Library