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"Rue de la Montagne-Sainte-Geneviève" Paris, France c. 1924 by Eugéne Atget via Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Seine Through Paris, 1946 by Ed Clark (via LIFE)

Paris, July 1952 by Robert Capa (via Magnum Photos Blog)

Mount Fuji, Japan c. 1880s via The New York Public Library

London Views, 1947 by Tony Linck (via LIFE)

“Former GI Ernest Kreiling and his bride overlooking valley where he fought during WW II.” April, 1947 (via LIFE and The Passion of Former Days)

Le Tour Eiffel: l’Exposition Universelle, Paris c. 1900 (via La boite verte)

New York City, 1943 (via )

Tower Bridge Afternoon, London c. 1920s 

New York City: January 23rd, 1957 (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

South of Dakota: Upper West Side of Manhattan through Central Park, March 2013.

Back to my last semester of undergrad. Lets do this thing.

Dakota Views: Central Park, March 17th, 2013

Larkspur, California: 1955 (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

Zeppelin on the Skyline: German zeppelin seen above the Woolworth Building, New York City, 1928 (LIFE)

Over Manhattan: New York City, October 1949  (LIFE)