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Kissing in Blue-Gray, c. 1920 via National Library of Norway on Flickr

Soldiers and Sweethearts: London, England c. 1940 (via vintage everyday)

"This is the True Alliance", French Wartime Postcard, 1915 (via Poppies Pressed | Remembering the Great War in the Digital Age)

"Poppies Pressed is a student created Division III project at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Poppies Pressed aims to encourage the interpretation and accessibility of photographic media of the First World War in the digital age through the application of twenty-first century technologies to previously undigitized wartime media."

Nightclub Interaction, Paris 1949 (via The Passion of Former Days)

Fox Lake, 1961 by Grey Villet (via LIFE)

"California, 1950 - A soldier leans out of a train to kiss a woman goodbye." (via Retronaut)

France: September, 1944 (via LIFE)

Coup de Foudre: French Postcards c. 1920s (via Vintage Boutique)

Embrace, 1920s

Photobooth Kiss, 1953 (via)

Bacall and Bogart (via NoirWHALE)

Bert Williams and George Walker, date unknown via The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Miss Gabrielle Ray and Miss Craske, London c. Early 1900s (via)

Yesterday I wandered over to Antiques Garage in attempt to find some nifty photographs and/or postcards from the fist World War for a project I’m beginning work on for this coming Fall.  Although not exactly what I was initially seeking, this Wartime postcard immediately caught my eye. Planning on scanning a higher resolution version soon enough.

This is the true alliance. /swoon

Curiosity, c. 1939 (via)