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Old Cincinnati Public Library, Main Hall c. 1900s-1920s (via Buzzfeed)

Elevator of H.M.S Mauretania, 1906/1907 (by SMU Central University Libraries)

"Exhibition room, Art Gallery, Montreal, QC, 1879" (by Musée McCord Museum)

 Picture Gallery in the Old Museum by Enrico Meneghelli, 1879 (by Plum leaves)

Amiens, France, 1903. (by Brooklyn Museum)

Rouen, France, 1900s (by Brooklyn Museum)

Grand Central Station: Manhattan, 1940s via The Museum of New York City

Chateau Lumiere: Views of Urban Exploration (by earthmagnified)

Opera Garnier Interior: Paris, 1901 via Historic Photos of Paris by Rebecca Schall

Schloss Charlottenburg Chapel, Berlin. Click for Source.

City Hall Subway Station, Manhattan c. Early 1900s (via)

Handelingenkamer, Netherlands (via Mental Floss)

Hofburg Palace Interior Detail, Vienna. July, 2012.

Church of St. Nicolas, Prague (by earthmagnified)