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Interwoven Socks: The Saturday Evening Post, 1921 by J.C. Leyendecker via mattsko.wordpress.com


Easter Walk by J.C Leyendecker, April 6th, 1912 (via The Saturday Evening Post)

Angling, Harper’s Magazine:  November, 1872 via NYPL Digital Collections

Let’s be real - this sly dame knows what she’s up to.

"may my aloof gaze dissuade my keen sportsmanship."

California: Travel by Train. 20th Century Travel Posters via Boston Public Library Flickr

Transatlantique: Mid 20th Century Travel Posters via Boston Public Library

Travel the World: Mid 20th Century Travel Posters via Boston Public Library

"Men’s Collars and Neckties", c. early 1900s (by New York Public Library)

LIFE Magazine: Halloween, date unknown by Cole Phillips (via ondiraiduveau on Flickr)

Silver Screen Magazine: Marlene Dietrich, October, c. 1932 (via ondiraiduveaue on Flickr)

Salutations, Madame.

While your current activities appear most engaging, perhaps this lavish fur trimmed jacket can direct your attention elsewhere.


Exceedingly Casual Napoleonic Regimental Hussar”

Illustration: Grand Armeé 10th Regimental Uniforms by Carle Vernet, c. 1812.


Fall Style Book by Edward Penfield, 1893-1924 via The New York Public Library

Female Rebellion by Will R. Barnes, To Date Cover Illustration c. November, 1895 via The New York Public Library

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge how incredibly suave the woman depicted in this illustration is. Between the hussar uniform and head-tilt sword wielding feminist imagery, she knows what it’s all about. 

Additionally, why are there no digitized editions of this magazine - why can’t we read their late nineteenth century opinions.

Observation: Kate Beaton - were you a late nineteenth century magazine illustrator? 

Le Breton Lithography: Middle Eastern Art, 1880s via The New York Public Library

Arrow Collar: Illustrations by J.C Leyendecker, 1910s (via rompedas)

Distillerie Italiane by Leopoldo Metlicovitz, 1868-1944 (via Organic Forms and Whiplash Curves)