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Hussar Uniform, England, 1870s. Private Collection.

As previously mentioned, an appreciation for history-things is something that runs in the family. Specifically, an appreciation for the design of historical militaria. This late nineteenth century hussar uniform is a longtime favorite fondly revisited with every return home. Favorite is a clear understatement - best described through the lens of a specific anime; if I were to bond consciousness with a garment to rise to greatness or defeat powers that be through a gratuitous transformation sequence - this would be that garment.

Spoilers; there’s also an incredible cap with a plume that couldn’t be fit in the picture. Plumes, yo.

All Steel: London Shop Window, c. 1946 via Stockholm Transport Museum

New York Antiquarian Book Fair, April 2014.
Arguably the highest level of book want.

Kenyan woman and chevrotain, Mombassa c. 1909 via imgur.com

Roentgen Objects, or Devices Larger Than The Rooms That Contain Them: "An extraordinary exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last year featured mechanical furniture designed by the father and son team of Abraham and David Roentgen: elaborate 18th-century technical devices disguised as desks and tables.”

Historical significance and craftsmanship aside, pretty much a baroque transformer.

"Rue de la Montagne-Sainte-Geneviève" Paris, France c. 1924 by Eugéne Atget via Metropolitan Museum of Art

"Café, Avenue de la Grande-Armée" Paris, France c. 1924/25 by Eugéne Atget via Metropolitan Museum of Art


Simmons College, an all-female institution, had a tradition of “Freshman-Junior Weddings”, in which the Freshman class president dressed as the bride, and the Junior class president dressed as the groom.  Here are other Junior classmates dressed in drag, c. 1930s (via)

Attempting to contain my overflowing grad institution pride over here. Work those monocles.

Lazy Days of Summer: Arlington, Virgina. June, 1943. (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

From an original Mozart manuscript to centuries old physiological texts, the 2014 New York Antiquarian Book Fair was a whirlwind. Despite being rooted in the field of all things antiquarian, I stumbled across the event by complete accident. Through hundred of booths, short lived discussions with a handful of knowing collectors and vendors, and a considerable loot of catalogs and business cards - I’ll undoubtedly be returning next year for the entirety of the weekend rather than just the entirety of a late afternoon. 

More later this week on the New York Antiquarian Book Fair over on Archivalor!

Sydney Harbor Bridge, 1932 via State Library of New South Wales

Angling, Harper’s Magazine:  November, 1872 via NYPL Digital Collections

Let’s be real - this sly dame knows what she’s up to.

"may my aloof gaze dissuade my keen sportsmanship."

Game On: Bridge Game, Florida c. 1954 via State Library and Archives of Florida

Betty: “Tapping three swamps to counter your sorcery, scry 2”

Carol: “ugh betty why you do this”

Barbara: “chortle”

Hamburg-Amerika Ship Line Interior c. 1888 via Southern Methodist University, Central University Libraries, DeGolyer Library

"Join us as a Smithsonian Digital Volunteer to unlock stories by transcribing our collections. With your help, we can make the volumes of digitized Smithsonian Institution materials easier to use.”

Shout: There are basically quest completion bars next to each page of manuscripts needing transcription. You can help transcribe super compelling history things to enhance the searchability and accessibility of Smithsonian collections. Let’s get on it!