Lost Splendor

Past and present by an archives student and new Bostonian. @freifraufitz

A Sunken Road Into No-Man’s Land: Battle Of The Somme c. 1916 via The Imperial War Museum
"German soldiers celebrating Christmas in the trenches, 1915" (via)
Waterford Barracks: April 6, 1915 (by National Library of Ireland on The Commons)
"The First Use of OMG was in a 1917 Letter to Winston Churchill" (via Smithsonianmag)

Tonio Selwart: Wartime Expressions via The New York Public Library

Over Top, 1917 (by drakegoodman)
Hats of the European Armies, c. WWI (via)
Helmets of the First World War (via)
French Wartime Postcard Reading “We know how to defend against the invader”, c. WWI
German Aviator Oberleutnant Kurt Wolff [1895-1917]
Entrenched, date unknown (by drakegoodman)

German Wartime Postcards, c. WWI via The New York Public Library

"The glamorous dancer Irene Castle wearing a World War I "Preparedness Uniform" of her own design. The dress was based on the uniform worn by her husband and partner, Vernon Castle, an aviator in the Royal Flying Corps. During their heyday, the Castles were the epitome of style and sophistication and Mrs. Castle’s wardrobe was frequently copied by society women." (via)

Lunchtime Foursome, c. 1917 (via Imperial War Museums)

Cathedral in Ruin, Ypres c. 1916 (via Imperial War Museums)