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Coco Chanel, c. 1929 via History in Pictures on Twitter

Coco Chanel, c. 1929 via History in Pictures on Twitter

Hussar Uniform, England, 1870s. Private Collection.

As previously mentioned, an appreciation for history-things is something that runs in the family. Specifically, an appreciation for the design of historical militaria. This late nineteenth century hussar uniform is a longtime favorite fondly revisited with every return home. Favorite is a clear understatement - best described through the lens of a specific anime; if I were to bond consciousness with a garment to rise to greatness or defeat powers that be through a gratuitous transformation sequence - this would be that garment.

Spoilers; there’s also an incredible cap with a plume that couldn’t be fit in the picture. Plumes, yo.

Interwoven Socks: The Saturday Evening Post, 1921 by J.C. Leyendecker via mattsko.wordpress.com

At the Races, date unknown: Doomben Racetrack Fashions via State Library of Queensland

Uniform Worn by Lord Hotatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson, Vice Admiral of the White (1758-1805) via higherpoetics

"Men’s Collars and Neckties", c. early 1900s (by New York Public Library)

So Extensive, So Well Balanced: Corset Advertisement, Ladies Home Journal, c. 1903.

"HAVE NO BRASS EYELETS IT WOULD BE ABSURD" I see that someone has some exceedingly strong opinions about eyelets.

September, 1951 by Nina Leen (via LIFE)

"Minnie Tittell Brune as the Duke of Reichstadt in Edmond Rostand’s play "L’Aiglon". Sydney [1904-1908]" (by State Library of New South Wales collection)

Perfect execution of Wistful Expression Cravat Combo

Day at the Races: Brisbane, 1931 (by State Library of Queensland, Australia)

Feathered Hat, Missouri c. 1890s (by MissouriStateArchives)

Arrow Collar: Illustrations by J.C Leyendecker, 1910s (via rompedas)

Contemporary Fashion: Jean Moral, 1954 (via)

Twenties in Technicolor: Beaded Silk Dress, France c. 1925 (via The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Historical Evolution of Style: Japan, Illustrations c.1868-1908 via The New York Public Library