Lost Splendor

Past and present by an archives student and new Bostonian. @freifraufitz

Sanofix Personal Massager, Germany c. 1913 via Buzzfeed and Wellcome Library

Optimal for thoughtful expression and deep thought. Celebrate that body, Edwardian Frauen.

(Source: BuzzFeed)

Selfies of Historical Significance: Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanova, c. 1913.
 “All we know is that, thanks to a new camera and an old impulse, a teenage girl was able to gaze into a mirror, look into her own eyes, and capture her image for posterity.” (via 1913: Duchess Anastasia Takes a Selfie - Megan Garber - The Atlantic)
Bonne Année, French Postcard c. Early 1900s.  Scanned Jan 2nd, 2013.

Shade, London 1905-1908 (via Retronaut)

Undressing Edwardians II via The New York Public Library

Undressing Edwardians, Early 1900s via The New York Public Library

Bonne Année, Seine c. 1910s
Although primarily poking around the Antiques Garage for media closely related to the first World War, I stumbled across a handful of stunning French postcards from the 1900s/1910s. Unable to purchase them all, I treated myself to this one which I figured you all might enjoy.

Edwardian Fashion Illustration, c. 1906/7/8 (via V&A)

Coiffeur, Bd. de Strasbourg, 1912 (via Retronaut)

A crossdressed F. Scott Fitzgerald during his years at Princeton.

The Mammoth Oak, c. 1900 (via via)
Euclid Beach, Cleveland c. 1905 (via)
Miss Gabrielle Ray and Miss Craske, London c. Early 1900s (via)
An Evening Gown of White Chiffon, c. 1900 via The New York Public Library
White Satin and Pearl, c. 1904 via The New York Public Library