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Interested in meeting other Tumblr users in the Boston area and planning cool stuff with them?

Join this group and we can be best buds who talk about the feels and old things

Letting go of New England Autumn is going to be a trying process as we move closer toward winter. Also, graveyards.

More ivy sights from the walk home from class yesterday afternoon.

Walking home after a full day of lectures. More importantly, fall has arrived. Glory to the autumnal powers that be.

Bustling Bromfield, Boston c. 1908 (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

Corner Bookstore, Boston c. 1900 (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

Tremont Street: Boston, 1906 (via)

Cardullo’s: Cambridge, November 9th

Boston, 1906 (via)

Boston, 1906 (via)

Police Intervention in Prohibition-Era Boston, 1920-1933 (via)

Boston, 1905 (via Shorpy)

Tremont Street, Boston c. 1923 (via)