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"Café, Avenue de la Grande-Armée" Paris, France c. 1924/25 by Eugéne Atget via Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Red and Marble Miles: New York, New York. April 5th, 2014. Unedited.

Crimson staircases this past Saturday.

Sydney Harbor Bridge, 1932 via State Library of New South Wales

Street View: Cincinnati, Ohio c. 1912 via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive

Moscow, c. Early 1900s (via English Russia)

The Seine Through Paris, 1946 by Ed Clark (via LIFE)

Williamsburg Bridge, New York City c. 1904 (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

Old Convent, Avenie d l’Observatoire. France, 1923 by Eugéne Atget (via Getty Search Gateway Museum Object Page)

Paris, c. 1928 by Unknown Photographer (via Pictures)

Grand Central Station, New York City c. 1941 (via Imgur)

New York City Skyline, 1912 (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

Paxton’s Crystal Palace, Sydenham c. 1851 via Wikimedia Commons


Zeppelin Above Empire State Building. New York City, 1930 (by Nationaal Archief)

Paris Street View, 1908 (by George Eastman House)