Lost Splendor

Past and present by an archives student and new Bostonian. @freifraufitz

David Bowie,1966 via Mirror.co.uk
Reactions to Assassination of President Kennedy, New York City, November 22nd, 1963 (via Buzzfeed)
"Ballerinas practicing at Paris Opera ballet school." Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1963 (via LIFE)
New Year’s Eve Slumber: Grand Central Station, 1969 (via Imgur)
"Chicago, Illinois. 1966. Hugh Hefner working at the Playboy Mansion." By Burt Glinn
Folders Read: Womanization and Feminism, Miscellaneous, Drug Adduction, State Relations, Obscenity, Capital Punishment, Alcoholism, Birth Control, Abortion, Venereal Diseases, Divorce, Sex, Teenaged, Education
Fox Lake, 1961 by Grey Villet (via LIFE)
Ann Margret: Fox Lake, 1961 by Grey Villet (via LIFE)
Ann Margret: Hollywood, 1961 by Grey Villet (via LIFE)

Engraved Lighters of The Vietnam War (via)

"Who ever may rend this will see that there is no other but one girl for me and her lovely name is Beverly Dennington. I love her very much."

(Source: twistedsifter.files.wordpress.com)

Dublin, 1964 (by National Library of Ireland on The Commons)
John F. Kennedy, Surveying: 1917-1963 (via Imgur)
JFK, John Junior, and Caroline Kennedy with White House pet, Macaroni. 1962
"My grandma recently went into care due to Parkinsons and Alzheimers. Last week when we were clearing the house that we all grew up in we found this amazing picture. Her 1960’s wedding in London." (via Imgur)
Brooklyn Trick or Treat, 1965 (via)
The 98th Meridian, 1966 via the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library