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Lazy Days of Summer: Arlington, Virgina. June, 1943. (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

Gas Mask Testing, England, c. 1940 via Imgur

Our Next Stop Is: Times Square Subway, New York City c. 1942 (via vintage everyday)

The Seine Through Paris, 1946 by Ed Clark (via LIFE)

Grand Central Station, New York City c. 1941 (via Imgur)

"Sarasota Sun-Debs at Lido Beach, Florida" January, 1949 (by State Library and Archives of Florida)

Book and Belt Loop: United States, 1948 by Alfred Eisenstaedt (via LIFE)

"A woman walks her poodles along Fifth Avenue in October 1942" New York City, By Alfred Eisenstaedt (via LIFE)

"Teenage couples engaged in a "Sniff Game" where a Kleenex is passed from nose to nose at a house party" Oklahoma, 1948 by Alfred Eisenstadt (via LIFE)

so this was a thing I guess.

High School Classroom, Iowa c. 1948 (via LIFE)

The Hangout: “Teenage boys hanging out on the steps of building”, Iowa, 1948 (via LIFE)

"Teenage couple engaged in titillatingly intimate game of passing a ring from one side to the other using only mouth-held pencils during parlor game while on a date." Oklahoma, 1948 by Alfred Eisenstaedt (via LIFE)

The Invention of Teenagers by Nina Leen: “Pat Woodruff does homework with the radio going full blast”, Missouri, 1944 (via LIFE)

To all of you out there in the midst of finals.

London in December, 1946 by Tony Linck (via LIFE)

London Views, 1947 by Tony Linck (via LIFE)