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Roentgen Objects, or Devices Larger Than The Rooms That Contain Them: "An extraordinary exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last year featured mechanical furniture designed by the father and son team of Abraham and David Roentgen: elaborate 18th-century technical devices disguised as desks and tables.”

Historical significance and craftsmanship aside, pretty much a baroque transformer.

Maps of Eighteenth Century Paris [Top: Tuileries and Right Bank, Left: Pont Neuf and Left Bank] by Louis Bretaz and Claude Lucas, c. 1739 (via Getty’s Open Content Program)

Selina, Lady Skipwith by Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1787. The Frick Collection. Scanned via Henry Clay Frick: An Intimate Portrait

"Arm Wrestling Between Two Beauties", Japanese Color Woodcut: 1793 via The New York Public Library

"Officers Socializing, 1789" via The New York Public Library

Okay what exactly are these officers up to. I spy one of these officers attempting to Get Low.

Series of Suits, c. 1760s-1780s (via V&A)

The Full Skeleton, Clavicle c. 1774. via NYPL

Hunting Sword with Scabbard by Joseph Deutschmann, crafted in Germany c. 1740 (via The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Catherine the Great and Peter III, c. 1740s (via  Grand Ladies)

Musical Mantel Clock by Jean Baptiste Martre, France c. 1770 (via The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Women in 18th Century Dress, c. 1900 (via National Media Museum)